Traditional flavors 

Flavors, like eating in our mom's kitchen, passion, love, and a big hug.
This feeling is shared by those who eat in ELENI'S KOUTOUKI and it isn't accidental.

The former restaurant housed in a building of 1812 was taken over by Eleni Theodorou in 1995. The decoration refers to a sailor's voyage, to memories of traditions and history. Its walls tell tales and adventures from boats, of ancient Greece, concerning the quality and enjoyment of each dish served to date.

With love for Tinos and the traditional Tinian secrets of generations, Mrs. Eleni will first win you over with her smile and warmth. The staff and she are always willing to offer you traditional Tinian secrets from selected materials, which only she knows how to choose daily from the local producers and fishermen.

Quality pleasure and alchemy smells of spices and thyme travel us to a Greece of traditions, tastes, and authenticity. Aegean flavors, recipes that last for centuries like the traditional braised chicken, her specialty, which only she remembers to cook as before.

Recipes from lamb with thyme, bunny stew, fish of the day, its famous snacks such as fennel meatballs, and the unique artichoke pie that many take for the ship as the last holiday memory.

The handmade garlic cheese from Tinos rock, the home-cooked dishes, the arnadkies (local hard-to-find wild mushrooms), the Tinian louza and it is colors the tables and makes the small cobbled cobblestone to smell every day.


This is our Eleni and her world, exuberant as the menu and flavors she suggests. Its main secret is its hospitality, a recipe that over the years becomes more and more stable, so it managed to win the hearts of the Tinian public and visitors from all over the world.

Various politicians, famous artists of the world scene, arriving in Tinos, run to the colorful Koutoki. Just 2 minutes from the port at the corner of Evangelistria and G. Gafou will certainly not leave you indifferent, the decoration in the colorful cobbled alley.


A place that smells of tradition, Greece, and a trip to the old simple and beautiful…

Open daily from 11.00 a.m. until 00.30 p.m. if you want to enjoy your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.